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Freedom Express, LLC Team Truck Driving

As a Freedom Express, LLC Team Truck Driving you will be one of the growing number of Savannah Georgia based truck drivers who are choosing to drive for us. Wondering if As a Freedom Express, LLC truck driving is right for you? Check out our current team members, and tell us what you think?

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Freedom Express, LLC
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Summary of Minimum Driver Requirements

  1. Minimum of 18 months over-the-road experience in the past 60 months, of which 12 months
    must be within the past 36 months that is similar experience and subjected to the FMCSA’s
    drug testing rules of 49 CFR Part 40. May substitute local for over-the road experience.
  2. No felony convictions within the past seven years.
  3. No convictions for possession, sale or use of any illegal drugs.
  4. Minimum of 23 years of age.
  5. Must present a clean, well groomed appearance.
  6. Favorable references from past employers.
  7. No application falsifications, application must include 10-year employment history with no
    gaps in employment.
  8. No more than 3 points for Minor* moving violations/accidents in the past 36 months or 1
    point in the last 12 months.
    *Minor moving violations (1 point each): improper stop, lane violation, speeding (1-15 mph
    over speed limit), traffic control device, unsafe operation of motor vehicle, failure to yield,
    one preventable accident, improper U-turn or improper backing or turning, red light, stop
    sign. Two points (2) for each of the following: following too closely, careless driving.
  9. No Type I** violation within the past 36 months.
    **Type | violations include: use of a handheld communication device, failure to report an
    accident, failure to aid/stop/identify, wrong way on highway, at fault accident with fatality,
    allowing non- licensed operator to operate vehicle, speeding (16-20 over limit).
  10. No Type II*** violation within the past 60 months.
    ***Type Il violations include: DUI, false report to dept, hit and run, leaving the scene, homicide
    or manslaughter with a motor vehicle, passing a school bus, racing, eluding a police officer,
    railroad crossing conviction, reckless driving, speeding (+21 mph over limit).
  11. No more than | preventable accident and no preventable DOT accidents within the past 36
  12. Must provide current DOT physical that has been certified with your state and medical
    classification on MVR must show “Non-Excepted Interstate”.
  13. Report for a pre-employment DOT drug screen.
  14. Must supply a copy of CDL, social security card or birth certificate.

PSP report must not contain: jumping an OOS order, load securement or hazmat placarding violations, failure to secure container violation, 3 or more HOS OOS violations within the past 12 months or non- English speaking violations within the past 12 months.