Mile After Mile of Success

The challenge often is not in the bigger but the smaller details. We are often in a position to improve the relationship between dispatcher and client – and when we see this… we act! One such time is when we have a good understanding of our client’s goals. Knowing the client leads to knowing and meeting their expectations every time. The dispatcher is family, but the client is the the extended family.

The emphasis at Freedom Transport LLC is always safety. We pride ourselves not only in providing customer success, but in having an impeccable safety record. It is not the amount of work we take on, but the amount of work we complete for our customers safely and our drivers going home every day.

We would like to welcome new customers to showy how well we can perform for you. Improving relationships is the key to success. For this we strive for open and ongoing communications, correcting the problem immediately, and addressing the long terms goals impacting our performance.

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