Challenges Facing the Transportation Industry in 2022

In the US commercial transportation industry, taking goods from point of origin to point of final destination is a long and often daunting task. As well, the fast pace of the ever changing labor and tech markets in the industry present a new set of moving variables for the commercial transportation industry. At Freedom Transport LLC one of our primary goals is to prevent demand to our customer’s goods. That is what Freedom Transport LLC is poised to compete head on with these challenges and embrace how we will push the limits in in 2022.

At Freedom Transport LLC there are always challenges, but let’s look at some of the main transportation industry’s challenges in 2022 and beyond.

1. Technical Challenges – using outdated or paper based solutions will get you in trouble

2. Customer Rapid Change to a New Digital Platform – you cannot service customers who are more efficient than you

3. Who are your Vendors – with the bottleneck of supplies and talent, making good solid relationships is key

4. No More Paper Based System – if you are still using paper, you may have missed the boat

5. Meeting The Customer’s Goals – customers expect success each and entry time and they can be unforgiving

All this may mean that technology, customers, staffing, and ever changing international and national regulations present the big challenge specifically when it comes to being a successful US Based Commercial Transportation Company.

Freedom Transport LLC offers its customers success at every load, and honest hard working drivers on a consistent basis.